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Client Timer

use Viewi\Components\Services\ClientTimer;
class ClientTimer
    public static function setTimeoutStatic(callable $action, int $milliseconds): int;            
    public function setTimeout(callable $action, int $milliseconds): int;            
    public static function clearTimeoutStatic(int $timerId);            
    public function clearTimeout(int $timerId);            
    public static function setIntervalStatic(callable $action, int $milliseconds): int;            
    public function setInterval(callable $action, int $milliseconds): int;            
    public static function clearIntervalStatic(int $timerId);            
    public function clearInterval(int $timerId);

For example:

public function __init(ClientTimer $timer)
    // use as injected service
    $this->timer = $timer;
    $this->timerId = $timer->setInterval(fn () => $this->tick(), 1000);

public function __destroy()
    // !! Do not forget to clear interval on destroy !!

public function tick()

function postValidate()
    // use as static method
    ClientTimer::setTimeoutStatic($this->validate, 0);
    Seconds: $seconds