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Tour of Heroes

Step 6 - Create HeroDetail component

We display a list and selected hero details in the same component. Let's separate those and create the HeroDetail component. It will have the $hero property with a null value by default.



namespace Components\Views\HeroDetail;

use Components\Models\HeroModel;
use Viewi\BaseComponent;

class HeroDetail extends BaseComponent
    public ?HeroModel $hero = null;    

Please move the hero details HTML part to the view, renaming $selectedHero to the $hero accordingly:


<div if="$hero">
    <h2>{strtoupper($hero->Name)} Details</h2>
    <div><span>id: </span>{$hero->Id}</div>
        <label for="hero-name">Hero name: </label>
        <input id="hero-name" model="$hero->Name" placeholder="name">

And now, in our Heroes component template, please remove block with $selectedHero and replace it with HeroDetail tag, like this:


We need to pass our $selectedHero into the HeroDetail component. To do this, you need to set an attribute with the name of a public property that we want to assign.

In our case, based on the code public ?HeroModel $hero = null; it's "hero".

And then set the value that we want to pass through: <HeroDetail hero="$selectedHero" , like this:

<HeroDetail hero="$selectedHero"></HeroDetail>

More about passing data through properties here:

The result should be:


<h2>My Heroes</h2>
<ul class="heroes">
    <li foreach="$heroes as $hero" (click)="onSelect($hero)" class.selected="$hero === $selectedHero">
        <span class="badge">{$hero->Id}</span> {$hero->Name}
<HeroDetail hero="$selectedHero"></HeroDetail>

Now your code is cleaner. Try to refresh the page and edit some Hero.

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