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Tour of Heroes

Step 3 - Home Page

When you open a browser, you will see some content already.

The code for this page is located here:


and here:


As you can see, the component itself is a PHP class that extends the BaseComponent abstract class. The component is tightly coupled with the template file, which has the same base name. To create a new Viewi component, you will need to create two files with the same base name: one for PHP and another for HTML template.

To output something in the template file, you can use interpolation.:

<div>$title</div> - will render $title property from your component inside of a div.

More about a template syntax here: /docs/syntax .

Let's change the title on our home page:


public string $title = 'Tour of Heroes';

When you refresh the page, you will see a new title.

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