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Rendering Components

Inline Tag

To render a component as a tag just use the component's name as the tag name. For example:



namespace Components\Views\Counter;

use Viewi\BaseComponent;

class Counter extends BaseComponent
    public int $count = 0;

    public function increment()

    public function decrement()


<button (click)="decrement()" class="mui-btn mui-btn--accent">-</button>
<span class="mui--text-dark mui--text-title">$count</span>
<button (click)="increment()" class="mui-btn mui-btn--accent">+</button>

Now you can use it as a tag <Counter /> wherever you

Direct Render

To render the specific component directly into a variable (or echoing it) use the next:

App::run($componentName, $params = []);

Where $params is an array of input parameters.

For example, let's render Counter component into a variable:

$html = App::run('Counter');

Render through Router

You can assign any component as a action parameter of Route. For example:

use Viewi\Routing\Route;
use Components\Views\Home\HomePage;

Route::get('/', HomePage::class);

And now every time Router matches the assigned url, the component will be rendered into response.

You can invoke url matching manually if you like, for example:

$response = Router::handle($url, $method = 'get');