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Guards and Middleware

In Viewi component you can set up a middleware(s) for your component. like this:

class ProtectedPage extends BaseComponent
    // declare static property "$_beforeStart"
    // and put Middleware class names inside of the array.
    public static array $_beforeStart = [MemberGuard::class];
// ...

Where MemberGuard is a class that implements Viewi\Components\Interfaces\IMiddleware and has a method run(callable $next);

Inside of that method do whatever you need, and if you want to continue with the component (or the next middleware) call $next().

For example:

use Viewi\Common\ClientRouter;
use Viewi\Components\Interfaces\IMiddleware;

class MemberGuard implements IMiddleware
    private ClientRouter $router;
    private bool $isAuthenticated = false;

    public function __construct(
        ClientRouter $clientRouter
    ) {
        $this->router = $clientRouter;

    public function run(callable $next)
        if ($this->isAuthenticated) {
            $next(); // continue with the component
        } else {
            // redirect to the login page
            // call $next(false) to do not continue with the component