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DOM Event

Viewi\DOM\Events\DOMEvent is a helper class that represents Event object in javascript. More about DOM Events here: Web API - Event

Useful when you have to deal with an event like click, form submit, etc. For example:

<form method="post" (submit)="subscribe($event)">
    <button type="submit">

And then in your component:

function subscribe(DOMEvent $event)
    $this->http->post("/subscribe", ...

Or for example, it helps you with the file input:

<input type="file" name="file" (change)="fileChanged($event)">
public function fileChanged(DOMEvent $event)
    if (count($event->target->files)) {
        $file = $event->target->files[0];
            function ($data) {
                $this->message = 'Uploaded successfully';
            function ($error) {
                $this->message = 'Unable to upload.';
                echo $error;

Or it could provide some information on event’s target:

function outsideModalClick(DOMEvent $event)
    if ($event->target->id === 'modal-overlay') {