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Client Router

Client router is a service that allows you to navigate through pages. Inject Viewi\Common\ClientRouter to use it.

It has the following methods:

  • navigateBack()
    Navigates your browser to the previous page. On a server side, navigateBack does nothing.
  • navigate(string $url)
    Navigates your browser to that url. On a server side, navigate currently redirects you to that url.
  • getUrl()
    Returns a current url path without a query, for example: '/', '/users', etc.

How to use:

use Viewi\Common\ClientRouter;

class MemberGuard implements IMiddleware
    private ClientRouter $router;
    public function __construct(ClientRouter $clientRouter)
        $this->router = $clientRouter;
    // ...
    // somewhere in the code
    // or
    // or
    $currentUrl = $this->router->getUrl();